The secrets of producing a creative, unique event unlocked

December 13, 2015 - Posted by Darren Natale

With every new event the inevitable question arises: How do I make this one fresh, distinctive and creative?

Creativity is a journey, not a destination

People talk about creativity in binary terms – it is or isn’t creative; we’ve ‘found’ it or we haven’t. Trouble is, this can be in direct opposition to the way a creative process works best.

A Creative Director’s job is to influence and guide the team on the creative journey. That team includes everyone – the client, stakeholders, producers, suppliers. Everyone contributes creativity and successful outcomes happen when the team have taken that journey together.

Ultimately the focus should be on the moment. The journey and the rest (where we end up) will take care of itself.

It’s not about an ‘idea’


From the desired venue to the favourite theme, or even the core concept itself, people often get fixated on an idea. There will be agony and arguments – it’s the right idea, wrong idea, his idea, my idea…

The truth is, creating something is a series of ever-changing, fluid ideas that form a journey. An idea is like water. The best thing to do is let it wash over you because it can be hard to grab at. Often when we attempt to, the action causes it to disappear.

Clear event objectives and strategy are critical for the process, as ideas need structure to generate and flow. They will also prevent you from getting lost in the process.

It’s an experience, not a thing

Creating an event isn’t about the thing you end up with – the theme, the colour, the band, the food – it’s about how you make your audience feel. Understanding your audience and being clear on what you want them to experience will give you the most powerful and effective events.

by Darren Natale – nailing accents since 1992