The rise of sensory play

September 26, 2016 - Posted by Jarrah Gerstle

Sensory play is food for the brain. We learn faster, we retain more and we engage more deeply. As kids we are subjected to multi-sensory environments that are used as tools to strengthen our development. We know that triggering our senses activates our brain and as we grow, our senses stimulate new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

A hot topic of late, the fusion of experiential and sensory play is proving to be influential, and is creating lasting impressions. It’s also what the people want, so it’s time to join the force and get down on a multi-sensory level.

Here are a few examples to tickle your tongue:

I Scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

Last month, the Meatpacking District in NYC was sweetened by a pop up Ice Cream Museum. A highly interactive experience, the museum gave attendees license to unlock their inner child, whether it was diving into a swimming pool of sprinkles, or finding their ice cream flavour match in the Tinder Land. Here’s the full scoop.



Multi-sensory dining

Our five senses combined help us to understand the everyday. They help us to remember, understand and experience. But when a sense is removed or enhanced, an adventure begins and the world as we know it can get all sorts of freaky. Be it sight deprivation, liquid nitrogen or seafood accompanied by the sounds of the sea, it’s all designed to deliver what Heston Blumenthal refers to as “a journey of history, nostalgia, memory and emotion”. Wrap your senses around some of these. And then there’s this one from Stella Artois.

Olfactory Adventure

A while back, Glade opened a pop up boutique in NYC that provided a multi-sensory, immersive and interactive experience for shoppers. Inspired by their scents, the fragrance brand created a visceral journey through five vividly designed spaces. Demonstrating that scent has the power to change how we feel, the Glade pop up boutique successfully, and experientially, sold feelings they designed through a multi-sensory lens. See it for yourself.

Do these sensory experiences tickle your fancy? We can help evolve your brand through the power of a sensory experience.

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