Our new website: More than just a makeover

January 1, 2017 - Posted by Aesthetic

In response to what the market was telling us, we took some important strategic steps in 2016 to ensure Aesthetic continues to provide original solutions for some of the biggest brand and people challenges. 

The result has been a services evolution that places us at the forefront of providing brand experience services and expertise to the market.

Part of our exploration was the analysis and design evolution of our own look and feel. We asked ourselves, does our website represent who we are and what we do at our core? Would someone who visits the site for the first time easily understand what we offer and the complexity of our work? Is the site interesting, engaging, clear?

The answer to all questions was a resounding ‘no’. You see, over the last three years we have evolved, the way all brands and companies transition and evolve and that wasn’t shining through our story.

So, what’s changed?

From four to six: Our services have expanded. Each offering caters to our mission – We evolve brands through the art of experience – and can be engaged by clients as the business challenge or project requires. Take a look:


Creative Studio

More than a logo tweak: We have tweaked our agency positioning to reflect our broader offer. Our logo tagline now reads ‘A Brand Experience Agency.’ This is a step forward from referring to ourselves solely as ‘An Experiential Creative Agency’ as we offer so much more than producing experiential campaigns.

Growing up: Quite simply, we’re growing. Our team has expanded and we are continuing to build a group of talented, creative professionals who create magic for our clients and keep all our boats afloat.

There is more to this story…but for now, please, continue your tour of our brand new website.