Why are marketing and brand leaders increasingly turning to brand experiences?

November 28, 2018 - Posted by Aesthetic

Research shows that audiences are seeking out opportunities to engage meaningfully with brands, providing an opportunity for companies to connect with their audience through experiences.

If you’re thinking of dipping your toe into the experiential pool, this article shares some of the numbers that indicate you’ll be investing wisely.


95% of brand leaders identify customer connection and the brand experience as the lead strategic driver.

Audiences are switching off, tuning out from traditional media formats and seeking to co-create for the greater benefit of self, community and broader society.

98% of consumers create or capture some type of content at events and experiences with 100% of content then shared. 

To achieve an organisation’s goals and to build a meaningful brand, one-way messaging and traditional silo-channel approaches are giving way to human-centred experiences. Listening to audiences, we know clever brand experiences (BX) is developed from the unique attributes of a brand’s aesthetic: what it looks like, what it sounds like, and its resonance —how it makes an audience feel.Great experiences are built by people who care. New expectations require new ways of thinking and doing to create value. The new creativity is data-informed, creativity processed through the lens of humanity.

95% of business professionals say face-to-face meetings are essential.

In a digital age where audiences are bombarded by messages, brands are forced to stop and think. Enter the powerful platform of experiential marketing. A recent Event Marketer study revealed, “84% of brands said event marketing is an integral part of their marketing campaigns.” Clever brand experiences allow audiences to feel, touch, see, play, share and explore, immersing in the world of the brand story at a sensory level, resulting in memorable (shared) impressions that deliver powerful brand resonance.

72% of millennials plan to increase spending on experiences.

There are endless opportunities to connect with millennials through experiences, but BX has to evolve to cater to the unique expectations of this discerning audience.

92% of executives say face-to-face meetings are a higher budget priority than technology or research.

Despite robust growth in digital marketing, face-to-face meetings are still critical for building relationships, especially for high-value sales or partnerships. Clever BX can be used as a catalyst to begin those relationships, with every touchpoint built upon a strategic use of data, emotional intelligence, empathy, creativity, narrative and wisdom.

There is incredible potential to grow your brand through BX, but creating experiences that resonate requires leaders to think beyond finding an excuse to bring people together. Powerful BX can touch every single part of your business when the creative, strategic and logistical fields converge to create experiences that mean something.

This is where Aesthetic comes in —we’ll analyze your business goals to find what lies at the heart of your challenges, with these insights we will deliver a unique activation to elevate you to the exceptional.

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