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Take Note! Activation


To reignite an emotional connection with the Crayola to raise product awareness and encourage trial and consideration of Crayola’s new Take Note!


By creating a meaningful and engaging activation at university open days leveraging the childhood nostalgia of the Crayola brand.


For University students. Generation Z and millennial consumers who use colour for daily routines and organisation.


Crayola is a global household name, known for its innovative art tools and creative toys for young kids. 

They saw an opportunity to grow the brand into an older demographic and developed the new ‘Take Note!’ range specifically for Gen Z and Millennials. 

We were asked to help raise awareness of ‘Take Note!’ amongst this demographic through live experience – to encourage consideration, trial and purchase.   

Crayola Australia has never implemented an brand activation strategy before.  This presented us with an opportunity to reignite an emotional connection with the brand through a meaningful experience. 

“I found Aesthetic to be a very professional and fully engaged team that responded to the brief with a strong understanding of the brand and the objectives of the campaign.

Doug Smith, General Manager, Crayola


We created “Take note! of you” – a fun and meaningful experience at Monash University and University of Melbourne that encouraged students to trial the product and reconnect with the Crayola brand. 

The “Take Note! of you” experience asked students to reflect on what makes themselves powerful and unique today – as these attributes are what will help them succeed tomorrow.  This tapped into the insight that new university students feel nervous, not in control and daunted, they’re unsure of their future, and how they will go at uni.


The activation consisted of three parts: 

  1. ‘Look at me’ – a large scale vibrant artistic mural to catch attention and be a photo prop 
  1. Self-reflection post-card writing – to get people to authentically trial the product on stand. 
  1. Brand re-enforcement (posting the cards back to students in three months)


The experience resonated strongly with students who reacted with delight and engaged deeply with writing postcards to themselves, trialling the pens and reconnecting with the brand. 

Return on experience (ROx) across both sites: 

  • Approx. 800 students engaged with the experience trialling the product  
  • Over 520 postcards were completed and posted  
  • 2 min average engagement with the experience  
  • 2900 Take Note! samples distributed  
  • Too many smiles to count!